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In recent years, mature wind getting fierce, many of the boys began to try on some mature wearing dress As with street culture as the core sports classic brand, adidas has always respected the spirit of the original, personally. Admittedly, adidas is absolutely one of a trend and retro elements will combine the best brands. It was in the sporting goods industry in the modern champion, became the rage of the international sports brand. Today, adidas unique, the famous three stripes has permeated popular culture, whenever there is a major sporting event, Adidas will be played. It also attracted superstars such as David Beckham. Adidas is a great brand eventually found their own personality and characteristics. It has a rich resource of three divisions: one focusing on its past, one is now, and the other is the future. It has realized its identity, personality, and in the right direction.There are cheap and high quality 2014 new Adidas shoes